Monday, February 22, 2010

Next to no crime

Tokyo has next to no crime. This is generally a good thing, but unfortunately it makes you somewhat complacent. So while I would likely have kept my bike indoors were I still in NZ (or indoors AND locked up if I were in wainui), I thought that leaving my bike locked up in front of my apartment would be safe. Turns out it wasn't.

Anyway, the bike isn't sold in Japan and I imported it myself so there is a chance I will be able to track it down, but if you see a Beone Storm in Japan please contact me or the cops. I would like to think that the cops would find it themselves, but thats extremely unlikely and I think the apology that "We can't make it safe in Japan for foreigners to come and live here" is the most help I'm going to get. They generally do a reasonably good job though...

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