Thursday, December 18, 2008

Theme Dining: Taiwan Style

Themed restaurants in Tokyo offer amazing variety, from christian cathedrals, to prisons, vampire castles, a rabbit hole (of Alice and wonderland fame) and of course many comic book adaptations. Now the boom years before the Asian economic bubble burst apparently offered an even better selection (I am slightly disappointed that I missed the chance to eat ice cream together with real live penguins...), but even then I don't think they would have beaten this particular Taiwanese restaurant in terms of unexpectedness.


Stephen said...

Good to have some posts! How's the PhD?

Luke McCrohon said...

Why do you always have to mention the PHD? :(

Anonymous said...

shit food ,I bet?

Anonymous said...

Hi Luke
Stumbled upon your page while researching Evoling. I'm really curious to know: What was so "unexpected" about the Taiwanese restaurant?
Hope to get an answer soon :-)!
Dr. Zira

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