Friday, March 21, 2008

Shopping List

I sent an email to most of my friend in New Zealand with a list of items I could buy and bring back for them when I come next week. The most popular of these was a hello kitty personal massager, so in case anyone had any doubts what I meant heres a picture of what happens when sexual liberation and the Japanese fondness for cute intersect.

(And yes, if you are interested in one let me know by Monday, same goes for ipods)


Phil said...

Hey, to be frank, your list of things to bring back sucks, but if you could see your way to bringing me a God-Jesus doll (, I would be eternally in your grateful servitude. Until you leave.

Luke McCrohon said...

my list was more designed at saving people money. Weirdness is of course found in large quantities and I was considering adding a bunch of weird items to the list, but the necessity to describe them gave laziness the upper hand and I decided not to.

As to my chances of finding a specific 1980s toy robot, well, I suggest you prey long and hard to the plastic robotic deity of your choice.

Vending Machines said...

My list was more intended to save people money. Fragility is found naturally in large quantities, and I considered adding a lot of strange elements to the list, but it is necessary to describe gave laziness prevailed and I decided not to .

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