Wednesday, February 08, 2006

...midnight watermelons...

have you ever been awake in the middle of the night and thought "what i really feel like right now is a watermelon"? But as you go check the fridge you realise you dont have one? Its never happened to me, but if it does japan has a solution: Watermelon Vending machines!

The number of vending machines in japan is higher than the population of NZ. They can be found in the most unlikely places (shrines) and strangely you will often find 4 or 5 of them sitting right next to each other selling almost identical things (one from each of the main vending machine companies).

And its not just watermelon vending machines, heres a list of some of the others ive seen:

Water melons
ice cream
green tea
soft drink
news papers
Alcohol (upto bottles of whisky)
cup noodles
fresh vegetables
sex toys
rain jackets
hot chips

If someone told me they had found a giant vending machine which you could buy vending machines from, it wouldnt take much for me to believe them.

Annoying thing is though, the vast majority of them only sell drinks, ive been to one place where there was litterally 12 vending machines, and not one of them sold any kind of food!

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takuro said...

Hi Luke, I'm Takuro, do you remember me?? It's a very interesting topic! I heard if we get rid of all of vending macines from Japan we also can get rid of 2 of nuclear power plants!! Haha. Anyway I made my blog as well. If you have spare time,please check it out!

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